Stories of Service Excellence

January Birthdays and Anniversaries

Happy New Year!

Shouting Happy Birthday and Anniversary to our January associates!


  • Meaghan Boden – 1/14
  • Nancy Carroll – 1/5
  • Janet Ferrer – 1/14
  • Devin Heath – 1/1
  • Tom Jamison – 1/16


  • Chantaye Avery – 1/9/10 – 9 years
  • Sam Woodworth – 1/14/16 – 1 year
  • Brian Clark – 1/28/11 – 8 years
  • Devin Heath – 1/30/17 – 2 years
  • Lisa Reskey – 1/5/15 – 4 years
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December Birthdays and Anniversaries

Please send out your birthday and anniversary greetings to your fellow co-workers!

December Birthdays

  • Angie Cook – 12/15
  • Jamison Conrey – 12/29
  • Maria D’Alessandro – 12/9
  • Susan Guimbellot – 12/4
  • Lauren Sargent – 12/24
  • Justin Bell – 12/11
  • Nic Dilillo – 12/17
  • Jason Kern – 12/13
  • Shawn Milburn – 12/3
  • Chris Newsome – 12/21
  • Scott Paradine – 12/6
  • Lisa Reskey – 12/20
  • Brad Whitaker – 12/19

December Anniversaries

  • Stephanie Hill – 12/21/09 – 9 years
  • Ron Mader – 12/1/99 – 19 years
  • Suzanne Saunders – 12/11/17 – 1 year
  • Iverston Walrond – 12/13/16 – 2 years
  • Yuki Yahata – 12/1/14 – 4 years
  • Nikki Yee – 12/30/13 – 5 years
  • Don Griffin – 12/15/16 – 2 years
  • Rizwan Marfani – 12/17/12 – 6 years
  • Max Wohlfarth – 12/17/11 – 7 years
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The Definition of Hospitality

Everything good about my stay was about the people.
My trip into NC was the worst travel day of my life–and I’ve traveled a lot. A trip that should have
taken five hours took 13 hours…and things went down hill from there. I usually roll with travel
hassles but I was exhausted when I started the trip. By the time I finally reached the hotel, I was
near meltdown stage.
The front desk staff offered me a free appetizer to make up for a bad day that they had no part in
making bad. But I didn’t want anything to do with it. I pretty much hated everyone by that time. (My
business partner had already checked in so your staff knew he was waiting for me to arrive–and
they probably knew more than normal about my very bad, terrible day.) I simply wanted to get to my
room and go to sleep. They wisely got me checked in quickly and off to my room.
The next day was much better and my improved state of mind helped me be more aware of the
people in your hotel as they went about their work. Please understand that I was fully prepared to
continue to hate everybody, but the staff, who weren’t aware of my private conspiracy against them,
made that impossible. I talked to the maid who cleaned my room. She was happy and cheerful, and
courteous. Everybody from the front desk staff to the valet staff out front had friendly greetings for
everyone. If I asked a question, it was quickly answered. If I needed something, it was quickly
provided. All with lots of smiles and courtesy, and a lot of professionalism. My plan to hate them
was effectively and efficiently thwarted.
The room was very good. The service was beyond reproach. But it was the attitude of the staff at
this hotel that made it special, and salvaged a trip I would have gladly written off. They were the
definition of hospitality. A staff like that doesn’t happen by accident. They are simply extraordinary. I
hope Marriott knows that.


Mona G.

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October Birthdays and Anniversaries

October Birthdays and anniversaries!


  • Tim Digby – 10/17
  • Keith Dunker – 10/16
  • Bob Kisker – 10/12
  • Kim Brooks – 10/28
  • Carla Mcdonald – 10/14
  • Marti Moats – 10/20
  • Marie Skaff – 10/7
  • Diane Travani – Dicken – 10/28
  • Margie Vito – 10/18
  • Yuki Yahata – 10/21


  • Tim Digby – 10/17/16 – 2 years
  • Angie Cook – 10/27/15 – 3 years
  • Catherine Cook – 10/10/16 – 2 years
  • Carla McDonald – 10/9/17 – 1 year
  • Roxanne Rees – 10/25/17 – 1 year


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Dear Carol Ann,

Bravo bravo!!! Every detail was perfect!! You did an awesome job and we were so pleased with every single thing. There were multiple comments about the service, the food, decorations, just everything! I know you and Terry worked very hard to make everything perfect for us and we were more than pleased! Thanks so much for everything you did to make our day so special. The purple lights were exquisite!!!


C. Shaw

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Perfect Wedding Reception

My husband and I used the Embassy Suites as our reception venue for our wedding this past May. Everyone went above and beyond to make sure that everything was perfect for our special day. Working with Carol Ann was a pleasure and she made sure we had every detail covered fully. The catering was fantastic as well as the wait staff. They were all so nice and the food was great!


Carrigan D.

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Great Hotel…

I always stay at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Dallas Park Central Area, when I go to Dallas for business travel. I have been staying here for the last 8 years.  There are hotels closer to my office building but this hotel provides the most spacious rooms, delicious food and peace and quiet after a long day.
Bridgette V.
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September Birthdays and Anniversaries


  • Kathryn Jones – 09/01
  • Marijean Pernice – 09/26
  • Andy Wardner – 09/22
  • Ashley Steele – 09/26


  • Cory Chambers – 09/29/14 – 4 years
  • Susan Guimbellot – 09/28/15 – 3 years
  • Matt Johnson – 09/20/10 – 8 years
  • Margie Vito  – 09/04/2006 – 12 years
  • R.D Wilkerson – 09/08/14 – 4 years
  • Tim Michaud – 09/17/12 – 5 years
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My Experience at the Hyatt Regency North Houston

Hi Matt,

It’s been a couple weeks and I wanted to share my thoughts about the experiences we (HP Inc.) had in November and December at your hotel.


As you know, we spent a total of 4 weeks at the property (2 weeks in November and December) of intense and logistically complicated meetings (30+ rooms).  I want to truly thank every single employee at the hotel for such an amazing experience.  We could not have chosen a better property to hold these events.  Our team was very receptive to the large foyer and multiple sized rooms for their meetings.  The conference center provides a productive configuration for our teams, BUT it was truly the people that made our experience exceptional.


First, I want to start with you, Priscilla and Gerson!  Matt, you were the first voice that represented the property.  You impressed me greatly during my initial discussion with you, and although management had decided on another location (town) that month, I knew once back in Houston – you would be my first call.  Your positivity, honesty and “can do anything” attitude is amazing and it’s what drew me to bring the event to your hotel.  Thank you my friend.


AND, I could not have lived through it without Priscilla!  She is amazing!  Every day she brings a smile, great ideas and pays attention to every detail.  There were days I called her every 5 minutes with many different and unique requests.  Not once did she seem tired of hearing from me or receiving the various requests from 250-300 attendees.   She is attentive, fun and made what could have been very difficult, so easy.  By working so closely with Priscilla, I can happily say I found a great friend.


Gerson is phenomenal!  His background is amazing!  The knowledge and experience he brings to the team is top notch.  Gerson is very professional, easy to work with and talk to.  He also has a keen sense of detail and easily took care of some complicated issues without a hitch.  He is a huge asset to the hotel and I’m blessed to call him my friend.


I have not forgotten the banquet and services team!  Amparo, Thuy, Troy, Jose, Carlos, Antonio, Dora (who am I missing?) and all the servers that took great care of us every day.  Buffet style breakfast, lunch, and the gallons of coffee.  Every day was smooth and no one missed a beat. Service was impeccable.  Amparo is great at supervising her team and making last minute changes without a flaw.  She is super easy to work with and each day walked over (with a smile) to check on me (Thank you so much!).


A hotel can bring together a great team, but it is nothing if the food is crummy.  That is certainly NOT a problem at the Hyatt Regency North!!! Sedra is an incredible chef. Incredible!!  We had 200-300 attendees for 4 weeks and I received numerous compliments about the food.  Not one person had a complaint.  The food is so tasty, all of it!  I even enjoyed the tofu!  It was all incredible.  Sedra has an incredible personality and fun nature.  He is by far one of the best Chef’s in Houston.


Last, but certainly not least is Tom the GM. Tom is professional and personable.  They say “Leadership is action, not position”.  I believe Tom’s actions have created the best team in the hospitality industry in Houston.  Every employee I had contact with is extraordinary.  In the front office, at the front desk, the F & B team, the maintenance crew,  Everyone.   Not many customers can say that about anything.


Thank you again and I truly hope to work with all of you in the future!


Kim Grieff

Executive Assistant to:

Alex Souza – Director, Program Management Office

Brenda Westbrook – Director, Personal Systems Operations

Todd Walsh – Director, SC OPS Strategy-Development


HP Inc

11403 Compaq Center Drive

Houston, TX  77070



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A very happy Guest

Dear Mr. Jamison,


My name is Solai Chidambaram and was one of the members of the organizing committee that hosted the 2017 Pillayar Nonbu event at your property on December 22nd and 23rd.  I am writing to thank and congratulate you and your team for the wonderful venue, experience and service that we received.


Starting with your Sales team, Erin was very attentive and interested in working with us to figure out the math that meets the needs of a small non-profit like us where cost is a major concern.  She was very patient in providing alternatives and provided us a package that met all our needs.


From then on we worked with Patricia Alner.  I cannot say enough about Trisha, she truly embodies your core value of delighting customer.  She made my job so much easier, she was a step ahead and knew what it takes to host such a large event, where we have 135 rooms, 450 participants etc.  She was always reachable, even when she was out of town.  She checked with me all through out the event to make sure all our needs where met.


On the day of the event, your banquet crew was the best I have every experienced.  We have hosted this event for the last 17 years in 3 cities Houston, Dallas and Austin at major national branded hotels and have never seen a crew handle the event so adeptly.  Twee and Troy were amazing.  We had around 175 kids, so keeping up with the area was no joke.  They did it all perfectly with a smile on their face, always.


We as an organizing committee received kudos from the attendees for putting a great show.  A big reason for this is Hyatt and its team.  I am a leader within a global organization and know that it is not easy to get all customer touch points to work flawlessly to provide the customer a consistent and delightful experience.  Your team at Hyatt Regency North did just that, from our first interaction to the last.  


So please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation on our team’s behalf.  Your team deserves recognition and congratulations.


Thank you.



Solai Chidambaram



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