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I’m writing this review as I sit in my suite. I love Hilton hotels. I have stayed in every brand. My first experience with this peculiar hotel started at 8am when my husband called to see if it was possible for myself and out 3 kids ( 4, 2 and 5 weeks) to check in ASAP as he was here on business. They wonderful woman (I forgot her name I’m sorry! We checked in 12-12-12) said she would let housekeeping know we were coming and get the room ready in an hour. I arrived with my three children and walked into a beautiful decorated Christmas lobby! The woman checked us in and mentioned she spoke with my husband and was waiting for me. She was beyond patient as my kids were wild. A WONDERFUL gentleman (manager I think again didn’t get his name sorry!) stepped out and spoke to all my kids even the baby. Very nicely and discreetly asked if they could have a cookie. He returned with the most delicious chocolate chip cookies ever for all of us. As the woman and I was speaking the gentleman returned with coloring pages and crayons for the kids. Amazing because almost all places kids are ignored not treated like people. This meant more to me that this man will ever know. For the first time in a nice hotel I didn’t feel like my loud kids were “bothersome”. This will always be in my heart. We came up to the room (room 205) opened the door walked in and everything was more than perfect. The wonderful teas, desk full of information, beautiful beds down to the shampoo and conditioner on the bathroom counter. About 15-20 minutes after we arrived in our room the perfect front desk woman called to make sure the room was to my liking. She also informed me of the pool area little arcade room and Bistro for the kids and me. We went down stairs visited the arcade (and even won a prize) then walked over to the Bistro. The server was the most polite man I could of ever asked for. He brought coloring menu for the kids and spoke to them. He was very attentive to our needs. He spoke to the kids and asked what they needed how their food was. Again wonderful person who treated my kids like people. I love staying in a hotel with nice big fluffy beds delicious teas and coffee but to me what matters is the small stuff. How your spoken to and treated. Every employee I have encountered has been beyond helpful, polite and nice. So far for this stay the staff has made this the most perfect enjoyable stay. I can’t thank everyone enough.

Jenny W

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