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My Atlanta Galleria Stay


I am writing this to convey thoughts about stays at Embassy Suites, Galleria and others, some recent some very much not.

Having moved to Chattanooga almost 29 years ago with my family we began making trips to Atlanta for fun. Early on we discovered Embassy Suites, getting phenomenal weekend deals I might add, and were down so often that the staff all new our names including our four kids. We were always treated great, then and ever since. I always flashbacks to when my kids were small, splashing in the pool or drinking Shirley Temples while we were not.

My wife and I stayed at Galleria back the first part of November after not having done so in quite some time. We loved every minute, of course, and besides complimenting the staff I decided to followup with a call to the manager. Well I forgot until I told my wife that what I would really like for my birthday (Dec. 23) would be to stay the weekend of the Dec. 19-21 to just relax, dine, go ice skating and enjoy the ES. She asked me if I had called the management like I had said previously and I had to admitt it had slipped my mind. So I made the reservations online and then made the call. Spoke with Brian Clark who graciously accepted my comments, then said he was the new GM and he hoped that things were even better. Asked for my name which I had been hesitant to give and he said he looked forward to perhaps meeting us, a most pleasant conversation.

Well, let me tell you about meeeting your GM. First, we enjoyed the “happy hour” Friday eevening then returned to our suite. Upon doing so, sitting on the counter was a nice bottle of wine, two glasses and a very nice note thanking US for staying with you. I called the desk and asked if he happened to be available. He was, at like 8 p.m.! Had a nice chat, expressed our appreciation, that it was way over the top,then said good night.

The next morning, Saturday, we headed down to your fabulous breakfast. Approaching the line there was a rather hard-to-miss gentleman nearby and his name tag said, you guessed it, Brian Clark. I’d like to think he was just wanting to meet us but in fact he was greeting all the guests, bussing tables and asking if everything was okay. We had some more conversation and I had assumed that he was called upon due to not enough help showing up and said that to him. He was quick to tell me that they had plenty of help, that he was there for other reasons including just trying to make things run smoother. WOW! From what I saw I’d love to have this guy working for me!

Everything was great, even better than back in November. Oh, our new friend, your GM was there when we checked out. We were a bit surprised, heck it was Sunday morning and he said he had a wife and kids. Or maybe we were not!

I’ve been fortunate to have stayed in many hotels over the years, some very high end, others not. Due to changes in our lives and my being underemployed we do have to look for value and sometimes that means staying elsewhere. But if I had my choice there would be no choice, the Embassy Suites brand suits us perfectly. I guess that is because of the concept, certainly, but also because of people like Brian Clark and his staff.

Mike L

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